Conservative leadership hopeful Pierre Poilievre was in Manitoba this week trying to secure votes in the ongoing Conservative leadership race.

He spoke in front of a couple hundred people at the Morris Multiplex on Friday.

"Our farmers, the best farmers in world, and among the biggest supply of arable farm land per capita of any nation on planet earth and here it's getting harder and harder to produce our own food. Carbon taxes, increased drying costs, and off-farm transportation. Now they want to attack our fertilizer with a mandatory 30 per cent cutback in fertilizer. We already know farmers don't waste fertilizer. Why? Because fertilizer is expensive and farmers don't like to burn money, they're not politicians, so they don't spread any more nitrogen, phosphorus, or potash than they need to, to produce the maximal output. Minimize the inputs, maximize the outputs, that's the key to being a profitable farmer."

Poilievre also talked about cutting government spending.

"Every bird in the trees or fish in the seas has to make maximal use of minimal resources, but not politicians. They just push their scarcity on everyone else. We're going to change that by passing the pay-as-you-go law. It's a very simple law. It runs government finances the way you run your household finances and here's how it works. It means that every time government brings in a new dollar of unbudgeted spending, they have to find a dollar of savings to pay for it, by law."

Poilievre also made a stop in Brandon on Thursday.

The new Conservative leader will be unveiled on September 10th, 2022.

Also vying for the top job are Scott Aitchison, Roman Baber, Jean Charest, and Leslyn Lewis.

Pierre Poilievre speaking to a large crowd in Morris.