The Steinbach Pistons are looking to renovate their dressing room

The Steinbach Pistons kick-off the MJHL regular season at home Friday night versus the Dauphin Kings.  To get the fans excited and in the mood for some fun, the team is holding a pre-game tailgate party at the arena.  Assistant coach Paul Dyck says Earl's Meat Market is donating the food, Safeway is donating the pop and staff from S.A.R. are doing the cooking.  

Now, while the party is free, the Pistons are accepting donations for their dressing room improvement fund, if fans care to help out.  Dyck says anyone who's seen the dressing room knows it needs a little work.

"Our dressing room has aged over time and our stalls aren't in the greatest condition.  We want to create a room that the guys are proud to come into, after all they spend a lot of time here.  It's just a little thing but, when they come in here we want them to have something they are proud of.  Other than their billet families, or the guys that are in school, this is where they spend the majority of their time.  Our facilities aren't great for accomodating the amount of equipment and things of that nature that we need to hang up in each stall so, we need it to be a lot more efficient."

And when it comes to the stalls, they will be built with future plans in mind.

"The time will come when we have a new building in this city.  The goal is to have stalls that we can take out and seamlessly put into a new building and still have the look of top-quality stalls."

Dyck and head coach Rich Gosselin certainly know a good stall when they see one.  Both men have been in dozens of dressing rooms over their careers and they know the difference between a good room and a bad one.  Dyck says he's seen some amazing rooms.

"I've played on some teams with some really nice rooms with great training facilities as far as the athletic therapists go...with hot tubs, stretching rooms, saunas, ping-pong tables and of course, equipment storage.  But, it comes down to the amount of room that we have and we have to be creative as to the space that we have and how we use it."

A top-notch dressing room can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Dyck says obviously, the Pistons are not looking for anything near that.

"Our goal is to raise about $15,000 to give the dressing room a major overhaul.  I think that should cover it.  If not, I'll just put Rich (Gosselin) to work and he can do all the labor..."