Construction at the intersection of Loewen and Brandt has complicated plans for the Steinbach's annual Pioneer Days Parade

Tessa Masi, the Executive Director for the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce says the parade route has been changed as it normally turns from Main Street onto Brandt Street and goes right through that intersection. 

“This year we're starting at the fire hall again, we're going west down Main Street, across Highway 12, and we're ending at North Front Drive in front of MPI and Steinbach Family Resource because we can't go near that construction, we want to keep everyone safe.” 

a man outlines a parade route through steinbachThis map shows the route for the 2024 Pioneer Days Parade in Steinbach. Map provided by the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce.

Masi says the entire Main Street portion of the Pioneer Days Parade will be exactly the same as previous years. That said, the speed of the parade may be affected. 

“It will make the parade a little longer this year as the RCMP will be letting traffic through [on Brandt] periodically because we are blocking a Provincial Trunk Highway, but we felt like this was the best plan of action.” 

And there is a good chance this will be the route for next year's parade as well. 

“It sounds like that construction is going to take a while, so this is going to be the game plan until we hear otherwise.” 

The Pioneer Days Parade is Friday, August 2nd this year and Masi says registration is still open.  

“We still have opportunity for people to sign up for the parade. Early bird pricing is still on until Friday this week, so if you haven't already secured your spot in the parade, definitely do that.”