The Pembina Valley Water Co-op has finally responded to the Clean Environment Commission's report on the Sandilands pipeline project.The CEC recommended against licencing the project that would have piped water from Sandilands into the Pembina Valley.  The CEC says it needs more information connected to long term sustainability of water in the Red River basin.  That information could take years to complete.  Conservation Minster Stan Struthers has said he will follow the recommendations laid out by the CEC.  However, Water Co-op Chief Executive Officer Sam Schellenberg, says those recommendations have implications that reach far beyond this proposal.  Schellenberg says there is not an area in Manitoba that has the kind of watershed management in place that comes close to the standards that have been laid down by the CEC in its report.  He says, under those standards, any initiative in Manitoba that requires an environmental or water rights licence will not be allowed to proceed.  Schellenberg adds that the CEC's findings have a number of problems based in law and due process, which their lawyers are exploring.