Richard Pelletier was successful in his bid for the leadership spot in the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne. 

He was elected as Reeve with 373 votes on Wednesday compared to the 293 votes that were cast for incumbent Paul Saindon. 

Pelletier says he appreciates the support on election day. 

“Now it’s definitely going to be a job to convince the people who didn’t vote for me that I’m going to do a good job for everyone,” he says. 

Pelletier looks forward to serving the municipality. 

He views taxpayers as the council’s customers and says he wants council and staff to work hard to make sure taxpayers truly feel they are living in the best place in Manitoba. 

Pelletier has just completed two terms as mayor for the Town of Ste. Anne and looks forward to serving the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne while working closely with the town. 

“When I first started with the Town of Ste. Anne, it was to have good relationships with the R.M. and really make Ste. Anne, the town and R.M., a good place to live,” he says. Pelletier adds that he is confident the town is in good hands with the new council, making it a great time to focus efforts on the rural municipality. 

Pelletier says partnerships will help the municipality to grow in ways that will better serve the residents while offering more options for people in the R.M. as well as the town. 

There will be five incumbents joining him at the council table, along with newcomer Kyle Wackzo who won the election in Ward Two, beating out incumbent Jake Reimer. In by acclamation are incumbents Sarah Normandeau, Brent Wery, Bradley Ingles, Robert Sarrasin, and Randy Eros.