Park Road West is now set to reopen sometime in the Summer of 2023 rather than the end of November 2022. 

The road is being rebuilt and paved to service the new Langill Farm development to the north. It was first closed in early September, and City Manager Troy Warkentin says the initial plan was to have it open for winter, but a number of factors have slowed down the contractor. 

“We understand that there were some delays in some key concrete components that were expected well within the project timeline earlier this summer. Those products weren't delivered until mid to late October. That, obviously, delayed some of the key work that was scheduled and the contractor wasn't able to meet the originally planned timeline.” 

Warkentin says some ill-timed rain also made a big difference. He notes, unfortunately, the project now has to be put on hold for winter, and they don’t feel it would be right to open it back up on an interim basis. 

“While the contractor is still doing some finishing up work on site, essentially, the project will be shut down very shortly. As a result of the road only being partially completed. We looked at it from an overall perspective of safety to the travelling public and we felt it wasn't appropriate to reopen the road.” 

Warkentin says construction will resume in spring. In the meantime, he adds “We are asking the public to continue to be patient and we do appreciate them respecting road closures and understand it can be frustrating. However, given the length of the closure that has been in place for so long, we found that the public has become accustomed to alternate routes." 

Thankfully, Warkentin says Acres Drive now goes to Keating Road and is a helpful detour for many drivers.