The Taste of Summer Charity BBQ held its first lunch today beginning at 11am and there was a great turnout. Smokies sold out by 12:30pm. 

The BBQ raised $3,045.40 to donate to Soup’s On.  

Norma Hildebrand of Soup’s On is in charge of the school lunch program which is the recipient of all the funds this year. 

“It was so awesome to see everybody come out to support Soup’s On and the cause to make sure the kids get to eat,” Hildebrand says. “Thank you to everyone that did come out and support us today.” 

She says it’s great to connect with the community and share what Soup’s On is all about. 

“This money is going toward the lunch program, to make sure that school-aged kids have food in their tummies so they can focus on their studies.” 

Hildebrand shares that they support families during the summer and school months. 

“We’re gearing up for September, which is going to be a huge change. In the meantime, we’re still feeding kids that come and pick up lunches from Soup’s On.” 

@steinbach_online We’re firing up the grill for a great cause every Wednesday in front of Steinbach Credit Union. It’s a minimum donation of two dollars for lunch but please bring more to support local charities. Join us for lunch with the Taste of Summer Charity BBQ! #steinbach #bbq #fundraiser ♬ The Event - FASSounds

Meredith Froese of Soup’s On plans suppers for the Soup’s On community and the guests that come to the kitchen.  

She says she is thankful for the community support and the wonderful team at Soup’s On. 

“It’s really great to see the community come together and support all the different helping organizations,” Froese says. “It’s great to be a part of Soup’s On, and I know there are also other great places in our town helping the community and making it a better place to be.” 

Mark your calendars because the Taste of Summer will be donating all funds to a different charity every Wednesday from now until the end of August!  

Check out some photos from the BBQ down below: 


With files from Kenton Dyck