Last week was Dairy Queen’s first Miracle Treat Day in three years. Co-owner of Steinbach Dairy Queen, Matt Zubec, says they raised over $10,000 for Children’s Hospital this year. 

“We believe over 2000 blizzards were sold throughout the day, and so our donation will be over $10,000. We had some people that just donated directly to the hospital through our store, so those are still getting added up, but all in all a very successful day.” 

He is grateful to all of the volunteers that came out to help behind the scenes, as well as to the community for coming in and buying blizzards to help the kids. 

It was an extremely busy day, with a lot of special moments. The volunteers and staff loved visiting with families coming in and sharing their experiences with the Children’s Hospital. 

“You're moving around, you're doing a lot of work that day, and then you get a family come in. They hand us over a card that their child made and tell us a story about how the Children’s Hospital helped them save either their childrens lives or help the family out. And then just everything kind of comes to a halt and you're going ‘okay, this is why we do this’.” 

Seeing the families, interacting with the children, and knowing the purpose behind what they are working for gave them the extra energy and motivation to keep doing their best for the entirety of the day, and to start planning for next year.