Yesterday was New Student Day at the SRSS where current grade 8 students were able to take a look at what life is like at the SRSS. 

Charlotte Heinrichs from the SRSS Guidance Department says the day was great for getting new students accustomed to the school. 

“They got to do a bunch of activities in our school, see how the building runs, and interact with our staff.” 

The orientation for grade 8 students helped them get comfortable with the building, prepare for next year, and see that high school isn’t so scary. 

“I think that they were really intimidated before they came in the building, and then by the end of that half-day, they were already a little bit more relaxed. They realized, ‘oh, high school's not going to be so bad!’” 

The grade 8 students were divided into groups and started their tours.  

“They were with one of our staff, groups of about 15 or less, and then they went to different areas in the building,” she says. “They got to go to welding, or culinary arts, or they got to sit in the visual arts tour. They got to do some hands-on activities, so kids actually got to see the areas that they'll be going to class and they got to do something there.” 

Kids trying out weldingStudents trying out welding

Heinrichs says the students only have to choose their major in grade 10, so the school tries to ease them into their decision by getting them to try a trade. 

"We offer this one interesting course where we expose them to the trades, and they get to try them out for four weeks in grade 8 and grade 9.”  

She says the day wasn’t over once school was done, as they also had the school open during the evening and held various sessions then. 

“Everything was open. You could walk into any area, and the staff were there to explain what goes on there.” 

She says they often have students bring their parents in the evening to check things out, and they also have students show up who are going into grade 11 and 12 who are curious about scholarships or are planning for their future. 

“For kids who are going into grade 10, we also had a session on ‘how do I choose my major.'”   


With files from Corny Rempel