Organizers expect a busy time this holiday season for Operation Red Nose. 

Jo-Anne Dalton with the Steinbach-La Broquerie group says this service offers safe rides during the holidays with a lot of fun for everyone. 

“It’s a fun service to volunteer for,” she says. “You have a good time when you're doing it.” 

Dalton says it is also fun for people who access the service, adding that you can request a specific team if you know people who are volunteering. 

“And then just the ride itself, there's tons of fun,” Dalton says. “You get to meet all kinds of new people. Your team is usually three or four people. And we get to meet all kinds of people celebrating all different walks of life and all different events.” 

With a lot of holiday festivities planned this year, Operation Red Nose organizers anticipate an extra busy season this year. 

“We’re expecting a really busy year with Operation Red Nose,” says Dalton. “It's been two years since people have been able to gather in person. So, we know there's this big return to holiday celebration. We’re really excited to be part of that.” 

Charmaine Gosselin is with Operation Red Nose St. Malo. She says they are also planning for a busy season and need more volunteers. 

“We absolutely need people going to give rides, that’s for sure,” she says. “We would love to fill more spots.” 

Gosselin appreciates the people who were quick to sign up and encourages more people to volunteer. 

She says people do not need to sign up with a ready-made team of three. They will help put teams together as needed. The important thing right now is to sign up. 

Dalton is also trying to fill a few volunteer shifts for the Steinbach-La Broquerie group

Operation Red Nose begins Friday, November 25th, providing a safe and free ride home for you and your vehicle during the holiday season. 

Steinbach-La Broquerie area: 

To get a ride, call 204-424-9555 

To Volunteer, click here. 

St. Malo area: 

To get a ride, call 204-347-5518.  

To volunteer, call 204-712-6041.