A lack of childcare space is proving to be a barrier for some Ukrainian refugee families who want to enter the work force in Steinbach. 

Viktoriia Pylypets-Romaniuk is helping with local settlement, and she says some families are arriving in Canada with only their mothers because many fathers stayed in Ukraine to fight in the war. 

For a mother to gain employment, she needs support with childcare. 

Viktoriia Pylypets-Romaniuk says parents want to work and support their families, but they cannot be employed when there is no space for childcare. 

A Ukrainian support group meets each week in Steinbach to help newcomers adapt to the local culture and guide families through various challenges. 

“When we came to Canada, we went through all this learning about the culture and made mistakes,” she says. “We want to help people to maybe prevent some of (those mistakes) and make adaptation easier.” 

Pylypets-Romaniuk says lack of childcare space is a common challenge raised at these meetings.

Pastor Nikolai Usach, with the Slavic Ukrainian Church in Steinbach, moved from Ukraine to the Steinbach area 10 years ago with his family. He is passionate about working with the local Ukrainian Settlement Task Force.

Contact Pastor Nikolai Usach at mykola.usach@gmail.com or 204-500-5852 to find out how you can help Ukrainian families who have suffered due to the war, or to find details of support groups for Ukrainians moving into southeastern Manitoba.

-With files from Carly Koop