The Manitoba government announced on Tuesday, that it will be investing over $25 million through the Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) program to support 428 community development projects throughout the province including the town of Niverville.

Manitoba Municipal Relations Minister Andrew Smith says that with locally developed projects being designed and tailored to address a community's specific and unique needs, “Our government is pleased to continue supporting community-based projects that foster thriving, sustainable neighborhoods and improve residents’ quality of life.” 

Smith noted that the Manitoba Government's investment was doubled last year to increase support for community projects. This investment included over $12 million for 368 local and regional initiatives and nearly $13 million for 60 larger-scale capital projects. 

As the town of Niverville was included in the generosity, Mayor Myron Dyck responds with a heartfelt thank you to their MLA Ron Schuler, and explains where the $95,000 will be going.  

“The town is currently working on two projects. So, the $50,000 will be going to what we're calling the CPR Well-site. So, it's the first well for the community. It's along the tracks and we're going to make that into a historical park. So the $50,000 is for phase two of that project. We're looking forward to seeing that come to fruition this year.” 

Dyck notes the remaining amount of $45,000 will go towards the town development plan and to update their by-laws. 

“We have to do a development plan, and every municipality has to update it every five years, and so, this will just help with any consulting fees or otherwise that we're going to need to spend in order to get this done.” 

“So, again, we are very grateful to our MLA and to his government for this grant.”