There are only 995 seats left.

A fundraising initiative is offering residents the opportunity to have their name engraved on a seat in the upcoming Community Resource and Recreation Centre.

On Tuesday Town Council decided to divvy up the first five seats among themselves.

“We’re hoping to raise one million dollars through this venture,” says Myron Dyck, mayor of the town and one of the first five to purchase a seat.

“Town Council is stepping up as far as the CRRC donations,” Dyck proclaims, “and we’re putting the challenge forward to see what they can do.”

The initiative involves selling one thousand seats at a thousand dollars apiece, making up approximately 5% of the building’s total budget. Council has hopes that other residents will follow their lead and take a seat.

Donations can be made either at the town office or online and Dyck says accommodations can be made for those who would like to donate in installments.

“A thousand dollars is a considerable amount of money,” offers Dyck, “and we don’t want to discourage anyone if it seems like a large amount in one particular payment.”