The Department of Families is funding a new position that will see someone work with the perpetrators of domestic violence in the Southeast. 

Brenda Brown of Headway says this is a very exciting addition. "This is great news for our community. They will work between Steinbach and Beausejour. It's actually the second program of its kind in Canada."

This program will be a huge step in an area Brown says is often overlooked.

"I think typically speaking, when there is domestic violence in a home, the resources go to the survivor and the children. But, I think the Department of Families has seen that if we can rehabilitate the perpetrator, it's much more helpful for the family because often the survivor stays with the perpetrator or interacts with them especially if they are the parent of the kid. So, I'm super excited and I think it will have a profound impact on our community."

Brown adds this new program will work right into what's already happening at Headway. "I think of some of the families that I've worked with, we've worked with the kids but if you are not changing the at-home dynamic, it's actually really difficult for the child to change or completely stabilize."

Start Families is the name of the new program and Brown says they are working on which areas will be covered with this new option.

"They're trying to sort it all out. Right now it looks like they'll service Steinbach and Beausejour. Depending on the need, if there's a need around Ste. Anne or Richer, I'm not sure if it will expand to those areas yet but we'll have to see where the referrals are coming from and go from there."