A new development is being planned northeast of the Old Tom Road, Loewen Boulevard intersection. 

On Tuesday, Steinbach City Council gave first reading to two rezoning bylaws and a bylaw that would see the Official Community Plan changed to accommodate this development. 

The area is currently zoned Development Reserve 1 and has been set aside for residential use in the OCP. The owner is proposing a plan that would see the three-acre parcel of land on the inside of the intersection set aside for commercial use, and surrounded by residential. 

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra says he believes this makes sense for the area.  

"Certainly, on its face, it looks like a reasonable request. There is a lot of mixed-use in the area such as the Red River campus, Stonebridge Medical Centre, and it certainly looks like there could be a strong case for allowing some commercial in the area." 

All in all, Councillor Damian Penner says the development plan seems viable.  

"It is great to see that there is going to be a mix of commercial, low density and high density as well as single-family and a total of potentially 94 lots. That is exciting to see."

According to the plan, this is only the first phase of the development which may see significantly more residential lots added in the future.  

Public hearings will now be scheduled in August to give area residents a chance to provide feedback on these rezoning bylaws and the Official Community Plan bylaw. 

Full plan shows future phases of developmentThis rendering shows the full plan for this development with future phases included