Member of Parliament for Provencher, Ted Falk shares his thoughts on the passing of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.  

"You know, when you look around at the world and you see all the chaos that our world is in and whether it's Ukraine or countries experiencing flooding or the threats of Russia and Chinese aggression, and you think the only stable thing in the world really was our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II and so, it's a sad moment, and she certainly leaves a big gap to fill up. I think the most profound characteristic of her reign will be her bold proclamation of faith in God and her commitment to her king and Savior, Jesus Christ. And it was from that foundation and perspective that I think she was able to reign successfully. And she could do it with poise, with elegance, with grace, with humility. And those are the things that we're going to miss.” 

Falk continues, “I don't think we realized the impact that she had here in Canada, but not only in Canada, but around the world, her presence was felt. Certainly, her values were clear and her diligent sense of duty to her subjects was so keen and so overpowering. She encouraged others to engage in service, not only to their country, into their queen, but in their service to fellow mankind and to God.” 

“Respect. Yes, there was a great deal of respect. No matter where she went, people would pay her respect and she just commanded it. Her presence commanded it because she was always, you know, full of grace, full of humility, full of passion and yet very compassionate and I think that just exuded from her, and people recognize that, and you couldn't help but respect her. 

When it comes to the next in line to the throne, Charles, Falk says, “My whole life I've had a queen and now we're going to have a king, certainly we will be watching and waiting to see whether his reign will have been influenced and characterized by his mother, or whether he will carve out his own path, which to a degree I think he should and will. But there are many characteristics that the Queen exemplified which we hope that he will continue on with, and certainly that he can garner the respect that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had."

Falk goes on to share a story from 6 years ago when he had the honour of meeting Prince Charles and his wife Camilla at an event in Winnipeg,  

“I had just a few moments to speak with him, but one of the things that I knew and was able to share with him is that my sister-in-law Marina Klassen's father was Prince Nicholas Galitzine, who had the privilege of sharing a bunk with Prince Philip (Charles' father) at that time. And so, that was a connection that the two of us had. My. You know, sister-in-law's father sharing a bunk with his (Charles') dad and so he thanked me for sharing that with him and. That was our little exchange.”  Noting on the side that his niece is now 732nd in line to the throne. 

In an official statement, he says,

“Serving Provencher as a member of Her Majesty's Government and also Her Majesty's Loyal opposition have been one of the greatest honours of my life. It's an Honor I look forward to continuing under the reign of our new monarch, His Majesty King Charles II. God save the Queen.” 

Earlier this year the Commonwealth celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee and so, all members of Parliament received medallions in honour of the Queen to be given to individuals who have shown that they are committed to community and service.