Mitchell's skate park project has attracted provincial funding through the Building Sustainable Communities Program.

Brian Esau represents Mitchell on Hanover's council. He notes they began working on the skate park a few years ago after they got several requests from young people in the area.

"Not everybody is into Baseball and Hockey and so [a young man] brought this request forward. We had a second one come forward and so then the rec department looked at it and we started planning,” Notes Esau. “We are putting up a 5,200 square foot skatepark here. We think it will bring a lot of diversity to the community and a lot more options for the children to stay active."


"They gave us a timeline of roughly five weeks depending on weather. That was without the landscaping so I am guessing, by the end of June and beginning of July, we should be pretty well complete.” He adds “I don't know if the lighting will be complete by that point but with this grant that we got, now we can complete this thing."