Day two of Meals on the Farm saw us head south to Zhoda. Where we thanked the Mateychuk family for their work with a meal and gifts.

Brad Mateychuk has been on his farm his whole life. Continuing the work that began with his great grandparents, Mateychuk, his wife Laurie and their son Eric run a cattle farm near Zhoda.

After dealing with an extremely dry year in 2021, according to Mateychuk this year has had it's own set of challenges that came in a lot of rain and moisture. "It's been a little difficult this year, but usually there is something to deal with. You just do the best you can and deal with the punches."

Calving season proved interesting this year for Mateychuk.  Blizzards forced them to move calving from their usual location of the pasture due to all the snow still lying around.

Even with the late start due to the moisture, Mateychuk is thankful. "The hay crops and pasture and everything are doing really well. Just gotta try to get it off now!"

Farming requires a lot from those involved and Mateychuk explains why he continues the legacy of farming?  "I just love the lifestyle. You're out here, it's peaceful, you get to work with family, I just like doing this."

We had a great time with the family and Mateychuk appreciated the visit.  "I really appreciate the acknowledgement and coming out and all doing this. It just feels amazing and it's a great meal and some great sponsors.  Thanks to you for hosting this, it was awesome."

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