Jeremy and Cheryl Froese were the latest family that hosted Meals on the Farm.  

They run a mixed farm of cattle, poultry and grain near Grunthal and the entire family participates in the success of the farm.  Jeremy and Cheryl's family are joined by his parents, Ernest and Gwen and brother Tim and Jen and their children. 

Froese says their children are learning the mechanics of growing food alongside their cousins.  "We're trying to keep circles going and teaching the kids how to raise different products for people and then take pride that we do the best we can."

Froese defines their farm as dedicated to growing healthy food for Canadian families.  In addition to helping in the fields and barns, Cheryl and Jen grow and preserve vegetables from their gardens. 

The Froese family is intent on moving their kids along in their participation on the farm.  They started their kids out on an electric tractor to cruise around on the yard, mimicking what they saw their parents doing and the kids move on to bigger equipment as they show responsibility.

Froese is hopeful for an average yield this year. "an average allows us to continue on.  A very wet spring, varying ground temperatures so there's waves in the field of different maturities. We're hoping for an average. If we can get an average, we call it a home run. We have all in corn. And I need most of September to be frost-free because of how late we planted. But we did our best with what we could do and if nothing else, we will help out the dairy farmers apparently."

What does Froese love about farming? "I love the lifestyle, I love being able to involve my kids. And really making the best protein possible."  

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