Entering 2023, Mayor Earl Funk is looking forward to future developments in Steinbach. 

Some of the plans he has for this year include coming up with a 30-year plan, and starting construction on the intersection of Loewen and Brandt. 

“Going forward, we have to plan for the next 30 years, be it infrastructure, sewer, water, or landfill. We have to be making sure that we are ready for the growth that is going to come our way." 

As for the intersection of Loewen and Brandt, he says it will be a two-year project and start this year. 

Mayor Funk says the intersection will be much more effective in moving traffic once it’s complete. 

"We are definitely hoping for a lot less gridlock when you get into the 3:30pm-4:30pm time,” he says. “It's amazing that as we're growing as a city, we're starting to see that we've got rush hour traffic in certain places.” 

He figures the intersection will move a lot more vehicles and lower congestion during peak hours. 

Mayor Funk notes the scope of the project is so large that it's taken two years to engineer properly.   

“That's an intersection that's been failed, it's been below service levels for many years. Every time we looked at it there was more that needed to get done," he says. "But we've been very thankful for the province coming forward for just over half the project's $4.1 million, and they've been really good to work with.” 

On a separate note, Mayor Funk believes many of the subdivisions that have started up in Steinbach will be purchased and developed quickly in 2023. 

Even though the interest rates are climbing, he expects to see strong numbers in the community. 

“I guess the tone is that we're heading into recession, but I still believe that our community will continue to develop strongly.”  

He says multifamily housing still seems to be a big need in Steinbach.


with files from Kenton Dyck