If you have driven past Steinbach City Hall recently, you may have noticed the Canada flag at City Hall has been taken down. 

Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk explains this is because the flag pole was found to be showing early signs of metal fatigue after staff completed their most recent inspection. 

Because of this, the city has taken the precaution of lowering the Canadian flag. 

“We have to get it looked at before we can continue flying the flag because there is a chance it could fall down with the pressure of wind.” 

The flag will not be raised again until the pole has been properly inspected and any recommended repairs have been completed.  

“We will have to get it tested and any repairs done before we fly the flag again because the risk of it falling is significant.” 

He notes the pole is fine by itself without the pressure of the flag in the wind and will not fall down. 

Funk says taking they are taking down the flag to take precaution, and to ensure no further damage is done to the pole. 

The city does not yet have an estimate on when repairs will be completed. 


With files from Adi Loewen 


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