It took some extra effort, but the water has drained from the Marchand area following the heavy rainfall on July 19th. 

After 106 millimeters of rain fell during a short period of time, problems were noticed. Water covered streets and the highway, businesses and homes were also surrounded by water. 

The municipality declared a State of Emergency. 

La Broquerie Reeve Lewis Weiss says there was simply too much water for the community to handle. 

“We had to cut at least one road,” he reports. “There were serious washouts, the community there was flooding, it was pretty bad, again.” 

The fire department was also called on to help pump water out of Marchand, and farmers offered support in anyway they could. It was quite a mess, but Weiss says things have improved. 

“The water has gone down again,” he says. “As long as we don’t get another big five, six, seven inches in one shot, we’ll be safe. But those big ones, they cause a lot of problems.” 

The State of Emergency was lifted after a few days.