High water has forced our province to discourage travel in the area around Betula Lake. According to Manitoba Parks, Provincial Road (PR) 307 near the Rennie River/ Heart Lake boat launch is now restricted to local traffic. The water is still slowly rising in this area and the roadway underneath the water is rough in spots. Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure has placed signs and markers at the location indicating local traffic only. Manitoba Parks is not advising travel to cottages and trails in the Betula Lake area.

Water continues to rise along the lakes that make up the Winnipeg River system. Nutimik, Dorothy, Margaret, Eleanor, and Sylvia Lakes as well as the river near the Pointe du Bois subdivision continue to rise as water moves from Lake of the Woods through the Winnipeg River system. Water levels rise quickly in these areas due to natural restrictions of water along the river.

Water levels remain high throughout Whiteshell Provincial Park. Caddy, Falcon, West Hawk, Star, and Brereton reported a slight decrease in levels Thursday compared to Wednesday. Jessica, White, and Betula lakes all reported a small increase Thursday from Wednesday.

Manitoba Parks staff are working in conjunction with staff from the department of Manitoba, Transportation and Infrastructure to monitor lake levels and adjust control structures where possible.

A large sandbagging machine is in operation making prefilled sandbags for distribution at the Otter Falls ball diamond. Please be careful when attending this location, expect a staff person to be directing traffic, and that you may have to wait for large equipment to clear. Sandbag production will be ongoing from 9 am to 7 pm daily.

Sandbags for filling and sand are available for cottage owners at: the 8 Foot Falls Road in Pointe du Bois, the Otter Falls ball diamond, across from Nutimik Maintenance Yard, the Betula ball diamond, Jessica Lake at the garbage collection site, the parking lot across from Brereton Lake Resort, the West Hawk maintenance yard, and the causeway at Falcon Lake. There is also a limited amount of pre-filled sandbags available at the 8-Foot Falls location.

PR 307 between Betula Lake and White Lake and PR 312 near Caddy Lake are closed. Water is receding and no longer completely covers the roadway on both PTH 44 near McGillivray Falls and PR 309 near Meditation Lake.