A Manitoba Conservative MLA has introduced legislation, that if approved, would punish pet owners from leaving their animals in a vehicle during extreme temperatures.

Fort Whyte MLA Obby Khan has introduced the Animal Care Amendment Act, which will ban pets from being left in vehicles during hot or freezing temperatures if the vehicle's climate control is not running.

The bill will allow enforcers of the law to act when a pet is in a vehicle that is not running or in pet mode during summer temperatures above 22 degrees and winter temperatures below -10 degrees. It will protect officers from liability to ensure that they can act in the best interest of the animal. It also allows all provincial officers to issue tickets for the offense, including conservation officers.

The bill has passed second reading and will now go to committee for public consultation. Manitoba's PC Caucus is hoping to get this bill passed and granted royal assent when it returns to the legislature in the spring.