Dougald Lamont has announced he's stepping down as Manitoba Liberal leader.

Lamont lost his seat in St. Boniface to NDP candidate Robert Loiselle. 

Lamont stepped out to concede his loss around 9:40 p.m., while the Liberals led in only one riding.

In 2019 the Liberals lost official party status when they went down to three seats from the four seats they previously held, and the amount needed for official party status in Manitoba.

The party had high hopes of not only keeping their three seats but possibly adding two more. Instead, both Lamont and long-time Liberal MLA, and former party leader, Dr. Jon Gerrard lost their seats. Gerrard served as MLA of River Heights since 1999.

Cindy Lamoureux will be the only Liberal MLA in the Legislature. She has been re-elected to her seat in Tyndall Park. Gerrard told reporters on Tuesday evening that he will work behind the scenes to support Lamoureux.

With files from the Canadian Press.