The Sarto Hall was busy on Saturday with a large Christmas market. 

“It's actually the first ever in Sarto Hall history that Sarto’s ever hosted a sale like this,” says Treasurer Madison Senkiw. 

Over 50 vendors were at the market. 

“And we prepared a hot lunch,” she adds. “We served soup and a bun, and chili and a bun.” 

Senkiw says it was a great day. She was surprised by the number of people who were interested in bringing their wares to the market. 

“Absolutely, it actually blew us away,” admits Senkiw. “We did not expect it to be this busy in terms of vendors. So, that was just really exciting to see how many people wanted to come out and support us.” 

The event drew people from Sarto and surrounding communities. Senkiw says that support is very encouraging for the board members.  

“We are just thrilled,” she says. “We're all kind of a new committee this year, so hosting an event like this... that we've never done before, and just seeing the traffic that's been coming through the hall, it has been super awesome. We're just super excited to host another event. We're already getting the wheels turning and trying to figure out what we want to do next.” 

The past couple of years proved to be a tough stretch for community halls across the province and Sarto was no exception. Knowing they can plan community events and feel confident they will take place, that adds to the excitement for Senkiw and her fellow board members.

Two women smiling as they cut bread in the kitchen at Sarto Hall.

"And one thing that I loved today (Saturday), was that some of our senior volunteers who have been a part of this hall for so many years, they were just so excited to come today, and be here and help us in the kitchen, and just get back to the hall,” Senkiw notes. “We’re just excited for a good year full of fun stuff at Sarto.” 

Events like the Christmas Market help to raise money for the hall while creating awareness of the community of Sarto. 

“We did some beautiful renovations this year that we're so proud of,” says Senkiw. “We just want to showcase that first of all. We'd love to start doing some events, maybe like wing nights here, Jets games, things like that.” 

Senkiw says they want to make Sarto Hall the place to be for fun events for the whole family. 

“We just want to use this space and put Sarto on the map, bring it back, get that momentum going here again.” 

The Sarto Hall is popular for Ukrainian events and the Ukrainian dance group is hosting the Milanka in January.” 

“If you’re not familiar, that’s Ukrainian New Year’s Eve,” Senkiw says. “So, keep an eye open for that.” 

Money raised through all the events will help maintain the building. 

“It's definitely going into keeping up with those renos,” she notes. “We really, really are trying to give this place a facelift.” 

To get involved in the events at Sarto Hall, or to get more information, you can email the board at

-With files from Dave Anthony