The Seine River School board has elected a very familiar face as its chair for the 28th straight year.

Bloomfield was elected as a trustee in 1983 and has held the chair position since 1990. The board had its inaugural meeting this week. Bloomfield says she is still passionate about public education and that’s why she continues to get involved.

"I just think public education and making sure that we have an educated public society is one of the most important things that people can do," notes the longtime trustee, "I consider myself very fortunate to have been given this opportunity for the last 35 years as a trustee and I think we’ve been able to make a lot of changes in Seine River, a lot of good improvements and we’re still making improvements."

Also at Tuesday's meeting, Trustee Greg Reid was re-elected as Vice-Chair of the board. 

With a review of the education system to begin next year, Bloomfield says they have to ignore that fact for now and just focus on student education.

"We’ve heard rumours, the current Minister of Education has talked about such things as amalgamation. There’s speculation all over the place as to what that could look like and I’m not going to speculate because I could come up with probably forty different scenarios."

Bloomfield says when the review comes around and if the board is not satisfied with some of the proposed changes by the government, the most important thing for them is to stand up and bring their concerns to the table so the government clearly knows where they are coming from.