The movie “Moana” is coming to life at the Steinbach Arts Council this weekend, and Lexie Ontong is acting as Moana.

Ontong couldn’t be happier to play the lead role in the SAC Fusion production. 

“Moana is the first ever Disney Princess to look like me,” she says. “My family is from the Philippines, Moana is in the Pacific Islands near the Pacific Ocean, and the Philippines is near the Pacific Ocean.” 

She’s always had a love for Moana ever since the movie first came out. 

“I've been a fan of Moana ever since I was in Grade 1."

The production features a cast of young actors in and around Steinbach and is directed by Gabriela Gallo.

Ontong and the rest of the cast are wrapping up rehearsals soon, it’s bittersweet for her, as she has really enjoyed her time with the crew. 

“It has been really fun so far, not just rehearsing, I've been bonding with my cast mates and our amazing director.” 

She says Gallo has given her a lot of helpful acting and singing advice and has spent a lot of time coaching her. 

The two have even worked together on breathing techniques to make the songs sound as smooth as possible. 

Ontong says acting, moving, and singing all at the same time can be surprisingly difficult. 

The cast is looking forward to their three performances this weekend. The show is sold out. 


With files from Corny Rempel