“When I was a child, anytime anyone asked what I wanted to be, I always said I wanted to write a book.”

Niverville resident and newly published writer Sarah Brandt will see her dream come true this Sunday when she officially releases her book.

“My story reads my transformation in every chapter,” says the author of Blossom Like Eden.

Brandt’s book follows a young lady on a quest to uncover the truth about her identity. “It confronts the cultural lies and misconceptions we often hold about Christianity.”

Despite being Brandt’s first publication, she has been writing for years, having posted a systematic theology of salvation activity book for kids on her blog.

Faith is foundational to much Brandt’s work, which includes a study book to accompany Blossom Like Eden. “I have a group of women coming to start a book study next week,” shares Brandt, “and there’s women waiting to join the next one.”

Even with all the outside interest, her intended audience is actually her offspring. “I experienced a transformation,” declares Brandt, “and I just wanted to write about it, especially for my daughters.”

Brandt completed the book in a six month window while also homeschooling her three children and assisting at her church’s "Kids Club". “I just feel that being with the kids and writing for them is my favourite.”

Asked if she had any advice for aspiring young authors, Brandt was sage before succinct, “if you’re a writer, the act of writing brings joy, so just go and write,” she advises, “it’s good for your soul.”

Brandt’s Blossom Like Eden book launch was postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns.