A family from Ste. Genevieve had quite an experience during Tuesday's storm that brought a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. 

“We were all home, having a bit of a siesta here in the afternoon and it sounded like a shotgun went off in our house,” says TJ Stapleton. “Our house was actually struck by lightning, our internet mast on the roof got hit.” 

He says the current travelled through the house and to the utility room. 

“The whole internet box is burnt and there's burning on some of the wiring to it,” Stapleton adds. “Actually, it fried a couple of the TVs in the house. Some of our light bulbs aren't working and stuff like that. It was quite the experience.” 

The father of three young children says he had taken some time prior to the storm to speak with his kids about storm safety, particularly around lightning. 

Stapleton says this experience left them all a bit shaken as they were not prepared for the noise and bright lights. 

“All of the lights went brighter, it was super bizarre,” he explains. “Not expecting it at all.”

While it was a surprising experience, the family did not sustain any injuries. Stapleton expects internet service to be restored to his home later today.