Whether you are heading to Summer In The City this weekend, running in the Manitoba Marathon or celebrating Father's Day, you should prepare for some serious heat.

Terri Lang with Environment Canada says an Extreme Heat Warning will likely be issued this weekend, as temperatures are expected to soar into the upper 30s. 

The weather for opening day of Summer In The City should be near normal with a high of 26 degrees. Lang says there is a chance that we could see some rain Friday evening and Saturday morning but then things should clear up. The forecast high for Saturday is 28 degrees.

Lang says Sunday is when the real heat settles in. The high for Father's Day is 37 degrees in Steinbach. And, because it will also be humid, Lang says it should not surprise us if we end the day with a thunderstorm. 

Monday's high is 34 degrees before another cold front moves through on Tuesday, with the possibility of thunderstorms and then cooler weather.

Lang explains that in order for an Extreme Heat Warning to be issued, daytime highs must reach at least 32 degrees or the humidex needs to hit 38 degrees for two days. During that span, overnight lows can not dip below 16 degrees. She notes we will likely meet those criteria on Sunday and Monday.

Meanwhile, Lang says it is probably a good thing that this heat wave will be short-lived, noting this can be really tough on our bodies which are not yet acclimatized. She suggests people try to stay out of the high sun, take shade or find cool places, drink lots of water and keep an eye on the more vulnerable populations.