There was a large fire overnight at a dairy farm at the north end of La Broquerie. Fire Chief Alain Nadeau says they got the call at 10:30 Tuesday night. He says four barns burned, some of them vacant and others that had calves inside. Nadeau notes they were able to get most of the animals out.

"So far, we've only lost around nine animals. (As of 5:30 a.m.), they are starting to put hydro back and the farmer is going to be milking this morning."

Nadeau says this is a 2,500 hundred-head dairy operation and aside from nine calves, all the other cows are okay. He adds the fire started in a feed processing area and was pushed by a gusty south wind.

The cause is still under investigation.

Nadeau says the fire department did a phenomenal job in saving the milking parlour and the three or four main barns where most of the cows are housed.