The mill rate is going down in the RM of La Broquerie, for both the local urban district and the rural area at large. 

Reeve Ivan Normandeau says even with the lower mill rate, some people might still notice a small increase on their tax bill. 

“It is a reassessment year,” he explains. “So, some people’s taxes might go up one or two percent just because of reassessment.” 

Council passed first reading of the 2023 budget which includes financial support for several community groups. Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim will receive $51,646.00 for 2023 contribution on an annual basis and the Marchand Community Club will receive $15,500.00 for 2023 contribution on a quarterly basis. 

This financial plan includes $16,000 in smaller grants for 14 organizations and events including Bienfaisance DSFM St. Joachim, Canada Day Fireworks, HyLife, Le Club de l'Amitie, Marchand Community Church, Seine River Services for Seniors, Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue, St. Jean Baptiste, and Ste Anne Hospital Fund Inc. 

Normandeau is pleased with the new budget, being able to continue offering services without increasing the mill rate.

Mill rate comparison slide with last yearThe 2022 and 2023 mill rates for both the Rural Area and the Local Urban District are presented in summary on this and the following slide


Another slide with mill rate detailsThe total mill rates have been decreased by Council for both the Rural (7.9%) and LUD (6.5%) areas. (Slides provided by the RM of La Broquerie)

“I’m pleased that the taxes are not going up significantly. Everything else in life, groceries, gas, everything else is going up and the interest rates are going up,” he says. “We have a modest increase and I’m happy that we are keeping the same services we currently have for the residents.” 

Normandeau notes they have set aside money in this budget for new walking trails and road improvements. 

“We had to strip down Gueret Road, so we’re going to redo Gueret Road this year for sure,” he says.

Visit the municipality's website for a detailed look at the 2023 budget.