The decision whether or not to buy a golf course has the La Broquerie Council divided.

In the budget for the present fiscal year, the RM has set aside $900,000 with which to purchase the La Vérendrye golf course. Reeve Lewis Weiss stresses that the purchase is not yet final nor is it unanimous. Indeed, Weiss notes it is for this very reason he opposed the financial plan in the first place.

“I just don’t want it to turn into an investment where we will be sinking piles of ratepayer money in the future when we already have projects like road upgrades and drainage issues that need to be dealt with.”

According to Weiss, certain councillors feel the RM should buy the venue and maintain it as a tourist attraction whereas he himself believes the property would be a money pit, needlessly sacrificing taxpayer dollars.

“Golf courses, in general, aren’t the best investment,” opines Weiss, who says many of his fellow residents have expressed a similar sentiment.

“Some people are very very upset we would even consider doing something like this and very very clear that they are against it, others have indicated a polite ‘no’.”

With the onset of COVID-19 affecting regular proceedings, Weiss says Council’s official verdict on the matter will have to wait. In the meantime, he encourages residents on either side of the issue to make their opinions known to their respective ward councillors, that an informed decision can eventually be made.