A La Broquerie council candidate has apologized for his actions caught on video camera.

The video shows Timo Gerzen walking up to a house while on the campaign trail. Gerzen can then be seen removing another candidate's pamphlet tucked inside the door of that house and placing the pamphlet in his binder before the resident opens the door.

Gerzen says he should have handed that pamphlet to the homeowner when they opened the door. He says he does not know what he was thinking and there is no way to go back and change his actions.

"I just honestly have no good explanation," he says. "This is just not a typical thing of me to do."

Gerzen says he was really just curious to know the other candidate's platform but knew right away that what he had done was wrong.

The candidate whose pamphlet was taken is Fernand Piche. Gerzen has already reached out to him.

"We had a good talk," says Gerzen. "I definitely apologized to him, and he accepted my apology. And I hope things are going to be okay from now on."

To the residents of La Broquerie, Gerzen says he acknowledges that his actions will cause some people to change their vote. And, he says he cannot blame them for that. 

"If people want to hold me to account for this action and not vote for me, that is totally fair," he adds. "I wouldn't ask for their votes then."

Gerzen says he is sick to his stomach over his actions.