The Eastman Warriors are eager for more kids to join rugby. 

Rugby in the local community has grown a lot since last year. It started off with kids from Steinbach and Kleefeld, but this year it has grown to include Mitchel, Landmark, Blumenort, and Grunthal, which all have kids playing rugby. 

The kids will be playing flag-rugby, so parents don’t have to worry about their kids being tackled. 

Camaraderie is something Isi Masi treasures most about rugby, so he likes seeing the teams just have fun, “Especially for the kids, we make it basically like a Jamboree 'cause it's communities coming together. You have parents and grandparents out there so it’s a family outing. And every now and then I try and do a pig roast, so that's more enticing for people to come out.” 

Registration night was held on Monday, June 13th at A.D. Penner Park. Masi says the Eastman Warriors have over 60 kids registered for rugby this summer, but there is still room for a lot more. 

Eastman is also holding a try-rugby event at the Rosengard Haven in Kleefeld on June 25th at 1pm. The event is for kids ages 4-14. 

Masi grew up playing rugby in Fiji and is passionate about the sport. He talks a bit about the trophy the Eastman Warriors won last year. “Despite how the year looked we played a few games of rugby and we only lost one game and it was a tough one. We went overtime in the finals and we brought home this trophy.” 

The trophy has a lot of history behind it. “Surprisingly, if you look at this trophy, there is a plaque here that says 1910 for when it was first won, and there's another plaque here that said that it was rediscovered in 1976.” 

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