The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is giving an update on its growing projects.

Regional Rep Gordon Janzen was at the Thanks For Farming Tour last week in Winkler.

"From what I'm hearing the projects are really doing quite well. We had such a late's seems like things are coming along. A couple projects weren't able to get their crops seeded. There's has been that downside. Overall, we're very hopeful for a good year."

Janzen expects harvest to get underway later this month on some fields.

He commented on the global hunger crisis.

"Our executive director Andy Harrington came back from Ethiopia recently and reported on the number of hungry people and that number is really increasing. We really are at a crisis level for the number of people facing crisis around the world. There's 50 million people that are facing emergency levels of hunger. Our member agencies are responding and we're thankful that we have resources and continued support for that response. It's not in the news very much, but the need is still there. We're really thankful for the response of farmers and ag businesses."

Janzen says they are always looking for farmers who are interested in starting new growing projects.