The landfill has been heavily impacted by all the recent rain. 

Manager of Solid Waste for the City of Steinbach, Eldon Wallman, says the conditions are the worst he has seen in all his years at the landfill. 

“Well, in the 20 years I've been there, it's the worst we've ever seen. It's absolutely brutal, it's a swamp,” he says. “Last Monday you could have put flippers and snorkels on all the guys in the back. That's what it felt like, it was brutal.” 

He says the conditions are impacting the trucks that drop off garbage. 

“The biggest problem would be if the bigger contractors, the commercial loads, come to the back. This past Monday was to the point where we not only had to tow them out after they got stuck, we had to tow them in because they couldn't get in. So they were towing them both ways.” 

He notes that even in the wettest conditions, residents can still easily bring their waste to their transfer station at the landfill.

"They will never encounter mud unless they go to the back of the landfill where all the commercial customers go."

Wallman says there are areas of solid waste that are being affected by the amount of rain that normal residents may not give much thought. 

“All that rain, it filters through the landfill just like a coffee filter and it percolates in there, and it all comes up in the bottom of the landfill. And that's leachate, it's the garbage juice.” 

He says the weather is making for more leachate this year than the landfill has ever seen in the past. 

“I'm not sure where we're going to put it all, but we'll try and make it go away somehow. We've got a pond in the back where we collect it, but it's going to be fairly full.” 

They have pump stations in five corners of the landfill where they pump the leachate out. 

“It goes to the back and we try and evaporate it as much as we can, that's what we do with it.” 

On the bright side, Wallman says they have gotten through potentially the worst of these conditions, and things should only be getting better from here. 


With files from Dave Anthony