Fire fighters in Richer will soon have an easier time using their fire hall. 

RM of Ste. Anne Reeve Paul Saindon explains some renovations have been approved for this year that will improve the building. 

“The way the design is now, it has two huge overhead doors for major size trucks and there's room for another smaller overhead door to park responding vehicles and the ATV truck and trailer,” he says. “Right now, the way it is, you have to maneuver this off to the side in order to get the big trucks in.” 

These renovations will cost just over $17,000. 

Saindon notes that getting an additional door means the parking lot will also need some work. 

“Because of the door being off to the side of what's already asphalt covered, it requires another strip of asphalt to accommodate it to stay off the gravel and keep the building clean,” he explains. “But that priced in way out of budget, so it was delayed for next year's budget and will be looked at that time.”