A co-chair with the local Ukrainian Settlement Task Force says it is heartwarming, and no surprise, that our community continues to show a lot of compassion and generosity for Ukrainian refugees. 

Denis Vassart says our city has grown a lot with many residents who have come from other countries. He grew up in the Southeast but only moved to Steinbach 40 years ago. 

“Our population has more than doubled and not all of the (newcomers) have a local background,” he says. “A great majority have immigrated from different countries to our area.” 

With so many immigrants in Steinbach who understand the hardship of moving to a new country, even without the experience of fleeing danger, Vassart says there is deep compassion for Ukrainian refugees. 

Although Vassart did not come with personal experience as an immigrant, he is often one of the first people who will join an initiative that supports our community. 

“It gives me a sense of well-being to see people get helped,” Vassart says. “To see them not getting the things they need, is hard on my heart and mind. So, when I see something that I can help (with), I try and step in and do what I can.”

Denis Vassart Denis Vassart served with the Steinbach Fire Department for many years and he appreciates the training he received during that time, learning how to serve the community.

He credits the Steinbach Fire Department, where he was a member from 1981 to 2004, for setting him up to serve our community. 

“That was where I got a lot of indoctrination and a lot of training in how to help people.” 

We can help Vassart make a difference on Tuesday evening, March 7th, and March 21st, by dropping off donations of household items at the Distribution Centre at Southland Church. 

While it is difficult for Vassart to see people without everything they need in a home, the hardest part is likely knowing that some people are still without a bed, blankets and pillows. 

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