The Hanover School Board is saying farewell to four trustees who have decided they will not run for re-election this month. 

“The four who are for sure leaving, who have not left their name stand, they're all currently committee chairs,” says Ron Falk, HSD board chair. “And so, that's a pretty big hole, a lot of knowledge and experience leaving the table. It's just kind of hard to imagine that these individuals won't be here the next time we get together. That's way life is, and things change, and our schedules change, and lives change, and it doesn't work for everybody all the time.” 

Rick Peters, a Steinbach trustee, has been on the board for eight years. 

“Seven of those years, we worked together in the capacities of chair and vice-chair,” says Falk. “It was a pleasure, Rick, to be able to work together in those roles. Rick was also our Finance Chair for seven of those years and did an excellent job in that capacity.” 

Shannon Friesen is completing eight years on the board, serving the Niverville, Bothwell, Kleefeld, Crystal Springs ward. Falk says Friesen was not afraid to ask questions, even asking questions that others were hesitant to ask. 

“For six of her eight years, Shannon capably chaired the Operations Committee which includes the areas of maintenance, transportation and IT,” says Falk. 

Carisa Klassen is completing four years of serving as school trustee for the Niverville, Bothwell, Kleefeld, Crystal Springs ward. 

“She especially loved representing the schools in her ward, especially in her hometown of Niverville,” Falk says. “Her heart was in education, and she dug into the Education committee which she Chaired for the past two years.” 

Jonathon Driedger has represented Grunthal at the school board table for the past four years. 

“He was always thoughtful in his statements or questions,” Falk says. “He led the Governance Committee through a lot of work in reviewing and or archiving many of our polices.”

Hanover School Division Trustees

Ward 1 West: Niverville, Bothwell, Kleefeld, Crystal Springs

Ward 2 North: Landmark, Blumenort, Mitchell - Two trustees to be elected

Ward 3 Steinbach - Four trustees to be elected

Ward 4 South - Grunthal