The Fall Food Drive in support of Southeast Helping Hands is taking place this week Thursday and Friday, October 6 and 7, from 9am to 6pm. 

Bring nonperishable food items to the Clearspring Centre during those times to donate to the Fall Food Drive. 

Ken Dyck from Southeast Helping Hands says that they accept more than just food. Items like dish soap are accepted as well. 

“Hygiene stuff is also- people don't always realize it, but we give that out to like soaps and shampoos and all that.” 

They have plenty of trailers and bins that they are eager to fill up with donations. Dyck gives a few more suggestions on helpful things to donate.  

“Cereal is always a big thing. It's something that everybody wants and needs and we go through quite a bit of it. Then there are mixed vegetables, you can go to pasta, rice, there's so many different things.” 

When they sort the items and make the hampers, they try and put ingredients together that would make good meals. 

“We don't always have everything, but we will try to put stuff together. Like if we're doing pasta, then we make sure that there's pasta sauce and that type of thing.” 

They are thankful for the community’s support and hope to see you there.