The Rural Municipality of Hanover is just weeks away from announcing who its next recycling services provider will be.
Eastman Recycling Services made it known earlier this year that it will be ceasing operations before the calendar turns to 2023. enVision Executive Director Jeannette DeLong said in recent years they have seen the recycling industry move into a highly automated model while their business continues to operate with hands-on labour. She notes keeping up with the industry, along with increasing operational and capital costs, and managing increased liabilities, is pulling them away from their original purpose.

Hanover Chief Administrative Officer Luc Lahaie says in early August they accepted tenders from any organizations looking to take over the work. 

Lahaie says he is pleased with how the tender process turned out, noting they received two submissions. 

"We had some good submissions," he notes. "And in the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing a recommendation to council to award the contract to a recycling provider."

Lahaie says it is quite likely that this new contract will be more costly than the one they currently have with Eastman Recycling Services. He notes that is because each of the two proposals indicates the provider will be hauling the recyclables to Winnipeg. 

"I think it will be a little bit more expensive," he says. "Eastman did a great service for us, very affordably."

As mentioned, Eastman Recycling Services has indicated that its last pick-up will be in early November. However, Lahaie says they are willing to quit even sooner. For that reason, he notes there is a chance the new service provider will take over already in early October.