Soccer registration for the 2023 season is currently underway. 

Hanover Soccer Club President Norm Anderson encourages anyone who is interested to sign up online sooner rather than later. 

“Our registration opened a couple of weeks ago and we're excited to have lots and lots of registrations already. We are going to close that registration down at the end of the first week of April, so a good bit of time, three weeks or so yet to register and we hope for many more.” 

Anderson says so far, they have had just over 200 people sign up which is pretty normal for this stage of registration. 

“We always get a lot near the end because, unfortunately, some people don't find out about it until people start talking about it and sometimes it is too late and we end up getting a lot of late registrations but yeah, I think it is about normal.” 

In addition to players, Anderson says they are also looking for a few more volunteers to help out this season. That said, he notes people seem to be stepping up more these days. 

“We have been recruiting many volunteers recently and we are getting a better offering. We are happy to see so many people coming out to help and I think the more volunteers we have the better the program can be run. When you get more bodies, we can cover more areas of the club and the needs of the players and coaches.” 

Anderson notes it is nice to be thinking about soccer as winter weather persists. 

“It is definitely not soccer weather out there but I am sure it won't be that long and we will see shoots of green grass and there is nothing I am looking forward to more than walking in the green grass again.”