The Reeve for Hanover is asking New Bothwell parents for their patience as the municipality sorts through an issue concerning the school speed zone in that community.

Jim Funk explains that last year the municipality erected school speed zone signs along Provincial Road 216 at the Crown Valley Road intersection. He says these signs alerted motorists of the 30 kilometre per hour speed limit from September thru June. Funk says it was the municipality that ordered the signs and had them installed.

However, just recently, the municipality was informed by the province that as the result of some technicalities, the signs would need to be removed. 

"So we have removed them," states Funk.

However, he notes they have been in conversation with government officials, and they are working on having those signs erected once again. As for when this might happen, Funk says he expects it to happen, "soon."

"We're just asking the community maybe to be a little bit patient, and we will certainly do our best and try and get this resolved ASAP," adds Funk.

He notes they want to make sure the signs are placed there legally and are working with the province on the matter.

"I am very optimistic that they will come back up. The government has their rules and regulations for a reason," notes Funk. "We just want to go through this procedure in a proper way and that way if we do put them back up, that we can leave them there."

Funk says the removal of the signs has certainly stirred the emotions of New Bothwell Residents.

"I don't blame them," adds Funk. "Whenever we are talking safety, it stirs emotions, and it puts us somewhat on edge when we see something like this happening."

With Wednesday being the first day of school, Funk asks motorists to be extra mindful of the children that will be crossing the highway there. 


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