"I think we have a very good team."

That is how the new Reeve for Hanover is describing the council that was voted in by residents in last month's municipal election. 

The new Hanover Council held its inaugural meeting on Wednesday. Jim Funk says each councillor brings a strength to the table, which he says is very good for the municipality. 

Funk has appointed Mitchell-area Councillor Brian Esau to serve as Deputy Reeve for this next year. Funk says not only does Esau have some extra time to take on additional duties, but he credits Esau for being extremely helpful in his campaign bid to become Reeve and adds Esau brings a lot of insight to the table.

"So that is why Brian was chosen," explains Funk. "Not that any of the other councillors were not capable, they were very capable, but we chose Brian at this time."

Esau has been on council since winning a by-election in May of 2020.


Meanwhile, each member of council has now also received his committee assignments for the following year. They are as follows:

Finance and Administration Committee:
Brian Esau (Chair), Travis Doerksen and Jim Funk

Planning and Land Use Committee:
Darrin Warkentin (Chair), Brian Esau and Jim Funk

Protective Services Committee:
Jim Funk (Chair), Ed Penner and Roberto Hiebert

Recreation and Heritage Committee:
Travis Doerksen (Chair), Curtis Dawydiuk and Jim Funk

Works, Operations and Environmental Services Committee:
Darrin Warkentin (Chair), Ed Penner and Jim Funk

Steinbach-Hanover Joint Action Planning Committee:
Jim Funk and Brian Esau

Triple R Community Futures: Curtis Dawydiuk will represent Hanover with Travis Doerksen serving as alternate

Red River Basin Commission: Ed Penner will represent Hanover with Roberto Hiebert serving as alternate

Seine-Rat-Roseau River Watershed District:

Sub-district 8 - Upper Seine - Roberto Hiebert (Alternate is Brian Esau)

Sub-district 7 - Manning - Brian Esau (Alternate is Roberto Hiebert)

Sub-district 6 -Tourond - Ed Penner (Alternate is Curtis Dawydiuk)

Sub-districts 3 & 4 - Joubert - Curtis Dawydiuk (Alternate is Ed Penner)

Additional responsibilities:

Curtis Dawydiuk will also serve on both the LUD of Grunthal committee and Grunthal Community Centre Board 

Roberto Hiebert will serve on both the LUD of Blumenort committee and Blumenort Recreation Association 

Brian Esau will serve on both the LUD of Mitchell committee and Mitchell & District Community Centre 

Darrin Warkentin will serve on both the LUD of Kleefeld committee and Kleefeld & Area Community Centre 

Travis Doerksen will serve on both the LUD of New Bothwell committee and New Bothwell & Area Community Centre