Council for the Rural Municipality of Hanover is considering constructing a bulk water fill station.

Reeve Stan Toews says Hanover does not currently have such a site. Rather, the municipality allows users such as businesses or farms to take water from the Grunthal Fire Hall. The users are charged an administrative fee in addition to the cost of the water. 

Toews says with all of the fiber lines going in around the municipality, there was a great demand for bulk water last winter. He notes this ended up being quite a hassle for Hanover staff who had to constantly monitor the water site. 

On January 6th, Council agreed to increase the administrative fee from $25 to $50 per load. However, at this week's Council meeting, the decision was made to reduce that back to $25 for each time that water is picked up. 

"Council had upped the admin fee to $50 but we had some pushback so they went back to their $25," explains Toews.

According to Toews, the demand for this service goes in spurts. He notes if there are many projects requiring a lot of water, the Grunthal Fire Hall can be a busy place. Not only that, but he recalls a farm using the service after running into issues with their well in winter. 

Toews says next winter the municipality will examine whether or not it makes sense to just construct its own bulk water fill station.