Council for the Rural Municipality of Hanover has decided how to divvy the provincial funds it received this spring for road repairs.

The Province of Manitoba provided a grant for $203,294.24 to Hanover for the repair of roads due to the severity of last winter. The province states that the funds need to be fully used prior to December 31st of this year. Any funds remaining will be required to be returned to the province.

Hanover Council recognizes that the funds are designed to be used for the repair or construction of hard surface roads. As most of the hard surfaced roads in Hanover are located in the five communities of Blumenort, Mitchell, Grunthal, Kleefeld and New Bothwell, Council determined that these funds should be allocated mostly to those communities based on 2022 assessment. 

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Blumenort - $50,632.88 (Ward 3)
  • Mitchell - $61,122.86 (Ward 2)
  • Grunthal - $36,707.22 (Ward 6)
  • Kleefeld - $31,828.16 (Ward 5)
  • New Bothwell - $15,003.12 (Ward 1)
  • Ward 4 - $8,000

Hanover Reeve Stan Toews explains that because Ward 4 does not have a Local Urban District, the $8,000 will go to the ward as a whole. Ward 4 is the southern portion of the municipality and includes communities like Pansy and Sarto.

According to Hanover Council, it will be the responsibility of each community to determine where the funds should be allocated. Potential projects will be discussed and a resolution passed to put forth a list of projects. All resolutions must be passed by July 31st. 

Toews notes this provincial funding is completely different from any funding that might be made available for spring flooding.