The community of Kleefeld is now one step closer to getting its daycare.

Last month, the upper levels of government announced that Kleefeld has been selected to receive a ready-to-move daycare. A spokesperson for Happy Hive Childcare Centre in Kleefeld says the new daycare will open along Park Avenue, between the Rec Centre and playground. The hope is that the 74-space facility will open before the end of this year. 

The way this program works, the provincial and federal governments supply the building, but the municipality must provide space. The Rural Municipality of Hanover will then own the building, provide maintenance and not charge rent for at least 15 years. 

Because the desired location for the daycare in Kleefeld is zoned Open Space, a conditional use order is required. Hanover Council approved that on Wednesday.

Kleefeld area Councillor Darrin Warkentin told Council that the community still has no idea what size building will be moving onto that lot. For that reason, the exact location within the park has not yet been finalized. And, depending on what the building looks like, Administration told Council that it is quite possible that a variance order will still need to be approved. According to Hanover Administration, more details are expected from the province within the next week.

Warkentin made it clear that the Kleefeld Recreation Committee very much supports this project. Hanover Reeve Jim Funk says he too is very excited for that community.

"Because daycare is something that every community could use," adds Funk.

Having said that, Funk notes it would be great to see other communities in Hanover requesting daycares through this program. He says at this point, Kleefeld is the only community that is receiving one, but notes other interested communities should contact Hanover's Administration, to get the ball rolling on the request.