Hanover and Steinbach have signed another two year agreement for Steinbach to provide fire protection to the Friedensfeld area.
Hanover Fire Chief Paul Wiebe says that is the only area in Hanover where Hanover Fire Department does not provide fire protection. Wiebe says it is nine and a quarter sections of land, extending south to Road 30 North. 

The two year agreement is worth $20,488 annually. This dollar value is based on assessment and Wiebe says there has been a slight increase since last year. However, he says their cost to Steinbach is the same whether they get called out three times or 30 times in a year.

According to Wiebe, that is not a very busy area to service. He notes so far in 2022, the Steinbach Fire Department has been called there four times for a total of two hours of work. In 2021, they were called eight times for 11 hours of work, while in 2020 there were three calls there for four hours of work.